What is Ionic skincare technology?

The principle of Ionic skin care technology uses positive and negatively charged ions through electrical charges to help draw out impurities, create skin balance and restore moisture.

YOSO PRO relies on the smooth titanium head for gentle invigoration, suitable for most skin types.

YOSO PRO: Truly Clean Skin in 3 Simple Steps


YOSO PRO uses a positive charge to draw out the negatively charged dirt from deep within your pores leaving your skin feeling cleaner than ever before.


A negative charge enables your regular moisturiser to penetrate below the protective epidermis layer, resulting in increased moisture absorption and beautifully smooth skin.


Boosts the effect of lotions and face masks using fine vibrations and gentle rotation of the electrode polarity.

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This 3 step deep skincare system brings advanced salon Ion technology into the home to ensure that your skin is cleaner and fresher than ever before. Harnessing the positively or negatively charged particles, the YOSO PRO will cleanse, moisturise and even out your skin tone. The smooth titanium head is extremely gentle on your skin, whilst the soft vibrations create an invigorating at-home facial suitable for most skin types.

‘Truly clean skin in 3 simple steps’

CLEANSE – deeply extracts built up dirt and tighten your pores

MOISTURISE – by restoring hydration deep into your skin, this mode will help reduce dry skin which can often be the cause of skin conditions such as itchiness, eczema, acne and fine lines.

BOOST – will give your skin an extra pick-me-up to achieve that perfect radiance.

To further enhance your current skincare routine, the YOSO PRO can be used with your regular daily cleansing and moisturising products, the YOSO PRO will fast become a product you will not want to live a day without.

What’s in the box:

  • YOSO PRO device
  • 2 x Plastic Ring Attachments
  • Product Tray
  • AC Adaptor
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Information Manual

Quick Start Guide

Download Quick Start Guide


The YOSO COMPACT is a quick and easy process which lasts 3 minutes, and has four different levels, which ensures that the deep cleanse can be tailored to each skin type and sensitivity. Using your regular cleanser or toner and our exciting Ion technology, built up daily dirt can be extracted from deep within your pores, leaving skin feeling clean and looking fresh.

As the name suggests, the YOSO COMPACT is designed as a small, portable deep facial cleanser for busy lives. It’s rubber head delivers an invigorating cleanse, suitable for most skin types, and uses an innovative clip system that makes using cotton pads with this travel cleanser incredibly easy.

What’s in the box:

  • YOSO COMPACT device
  • Information Manual


The YOSO TRIM gently removes any unwanted hair within seconds, and is ideal for precision hair removal on small areas of the face, including the eyebrows, hairline and upper lip. For extra shaping of longer hairs, we have included a 2mm/4mm trimming attachment, enabling you to trim areas such as eyebrows for a defined, stylised finish. The YOSO TRIM is a quick and painless solution to keep you looking your best wherever you are. Its lightweight, compact size makes this a perfect travel addition to any cosmetic bag.

What’s in the box:

  • YOSO TRIM Beauty Pen
  • 2mm / 4mm Trimming Attachment
  • Hygiene Brush
  • Information Manual.


This heated eyelash curler creates a dramatic uplift and a long lasting curl for your lashes. The main heater allows lashes to be swept up and curled, whilst the unique small point heater tackles the tricky corner lashes for maximised dramatic volume. Finish the look by combing through to add precise definition. The compact and slim design makes this beauty pen a suitable addition to any make-up bag and also features a handy heat indicator, letting you know when the pen is ready to use. The YOSO LASHES will ensure your eyelashes stay defined and curled for longer than usual; perfect for your special night out or simply to keep you looking bright eyed through a busy day.

What’s in the box:

  • YOSO LASHES Beauty Pen
  • Hygiene Brush
  • Information Manual

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